Take the money!

If you had a donut in one hand and a coffee in the other and someone offered you a $20 bill what would you do?

You would have to make a decision:

Do I want the $20 bill more than coffee and donut? If so say “Thanks but no thanks” and move on.

But if you want the money then you have to decide, “What will I set down to take the $20 bill?”

As you head into 2012 you are going to have to make this decision many times and on a bigger scale than donuts and small bills. You get to decide what you will set aside and what you will take this year!

I pray that you will set down the small things to reach for and take the big things! Set the donuts and coffee down and take the money… go for the big things… the better things… the best things!

3 thoughts on “Take the money!

  1. What i would do is to give the doughnut and the coffee, but do not accept the money. \the man is in real need to eat, so give what he ask, but not for a fee.

    God did not sent HIS Son Jesus Christ for a fee but for a ransom of all people.

  2. Money isn’t everything and perhaps I enjoy a really good cup of coffee along with a donut. Mmmmmm, Paula’s donuts!!!!!!!!!!!!

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