I know the “MF word”

That’s what one of my princesses said to me this morning!

Of course I, like you would have, cringed, wondered where she’d learned this word, and then with a fearful heart but a brave face asked the question, “What MF word? What does it mean?”

She looked around then whispered, “Middle” and before she could finish her sentence one of her sisters yelled, “Finger!” As soon as the “er” of “finger” was completed her little princess face screwed all up with the agony that comes with hearing an expletive uttered out loud.

A few things happened in a very short time span:

  • I simultaneously choked back laughter and breathed a sigh of relief.
  • I was very happy to learn that “MF word” means “Middle Finger”.
  • We did have a conversation about what the middle finger means when you give it to someone… and I encouraged her not to ever do this.

Being a parent is always an adventure and always an opportunity to teach! May you enjoy the adventure and take every opportunity to teach your children… even if it starts off with a cringe!

One thought on “I know the “MF word”

  1. Love it! Our kids do this to us frequently. Those tiny heart attacks are going to catch up to me one day!

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