Safe place to hear a dangerous message

…I say that a lot at Church180. (The first person I ever heard say that was Bill Hybels.)

Because I say it so much I think it deserves to be broken down and explained in a bit more detail. So here we go…

“A safe place…”

The church is to be a place where we are honest about who we are and hopeful about who we can become.

In the church we do not judge unbelievers or skeptics (though we do judge one another as believers). We accept them just like they are. We love them. We encourage them. And all the while we conduct ourselves in such a way as would make the Christian life appealing.

The church is a safe place for every tired and lonely person. It is a place where hope is discovered, new friendships are made, skills and talents are fully utilized, and God is experienced and worshipped.

The church offers a safe environment for every race, sexual orientation, age, and social status.

“a dangerous message…”

You are a control freak. You’re right. I did judge you a little bit… but you know it’s true. Don’t you? 😉 Seriously, all of us have a strong desire to call the shots in our own lives, chase our own dreams, make our own plans, and live for the man/woman in the mirror… and whatever is left over is what we bring to God.

The problem with that is that God says, “I’m not taking your leftovers.” He wants the best of your time, money, skills, ideas, etc. Bottom line, He wants you to turn over control of your life to Him. He wants to set the agenda, call the shots, and give the orders. And that just doesn’t sound safe to a control freak.

The message of the Bible is “give your life to Jesus. Let Him be the leader. Trust and follow Him!” And that sounds dangerous.

Safe and dangerous…

I want Church180 to be safe and dangerous… a place where anyone can come and make the most important decisions of their life under the watchful and helpful eye of God while surrounded by people who really like them.

And that’s what I mean by “a safe place to hear a dangerous message.”

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