Some waddup

Here’s a few “waddups” that have been going on lately…

  • I’m reading “Why Men Hate Going To Church”. David Murrow saying things I’ve felt but not quite known what to do with. This book both affirms and challenges my ministry philosophy. The impact of this book is immeasurable.
  • Lately I’ve been watching “24” on Netflix. This is the best show I’ve ever watched! The storytelling is amazing!
  • Beginning in June, I will be training for a physique show in October. This is NOT a big  muscle guy show. “Judges will be looking for fit contestants who display proper shape and symmetry combined with muscularity and overall condition. This is not a bodybuilding contest so extreme muscularity should be marked down.” One other cool thing about this competition… no speedo! Board shorts are contest attire! For this show I plan to drop about 20 pounds and show at 175-180. I’m really excited about this!
  • God is stirring a fire in my heart to lead our church to connect with those who are least likely to go to church! I want C180 to be a place where the people most unlikely to go to church are most likely to go!
  • I can’t wait until Sherri and I have been together longer than we’ve been apart! This August it will be 15 years that we’ve been married so we’re getting close! (We were married when we were 21 & 20). Cool thing here… I know and love her more today than when we first got married!
  • For my birthday Casey Graham blew my mind with unexpected generosity. I am grateful for his friendship. Here is a man who practices what he teaches.
  • The best gifts I received for my birthday were the pictures and pennies I got from my girls! I LOVE their generosity and creativity!
  • I know what I want to be like when I get older. I know because we have some older men and women in our church who have stayed through all the changes and are modeling good living for all of us young men and women! Thanks guys!


2 thoughts on “Some waddup

  1. Hey Paul, I’m writing a book about the church, church planting and church planters. Here’s why: There is an oft quoted statistic that 80% of church plants fail. I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to track down the source or research for this statistic. If it is true it means there are many more “failed” church planters than successful ones among us. Even if it’s not true there are many pastors who have taken a massive ministry “hit” because of church planting. Most church planting organizations and pastors view “failure” as the worst possible thing that could happen to a church plant or planter. My goal is to write a book to that 80% (and by extension to those who would look down on a “failed” planter) and review what success and failure really look like. I also want to encourage and help heal the hearts of these faithful servants.
    That’s where you come in. Whether you define your church planting experience as failure or had it defined that way for you, I want to hear your story, your perspective. Can we start a conversation? Check out my blog and info. I’ve already written and published one book. This will be my second. Thanks for reading.

  2. Hey paul, I found your site when I searched church plant failure. Don’t be offended! I’m writing a book on church, church planting and church planters. I kept reading about the 80% failure rate (which I think is a myth) and I began to wonder where all those church planters go after they close their churches. I wanted to write to the church (being a church planter myself) about what is defined as success and failure. This, in a nutshell, is the premise of the book: “Church plants end their ministry or close due to many complex factors that cannot be reduced to a simple list of do’s and don’ts. Calling church plants that end, “failures”, takes everything that was done: all the prayer, fundraising, evangelizing, fellowship and discipling and labels it with one word – Failure. This is unfair and unbiblical. It’s time to redefine failure and what it means to be a church planter. Can we start a conversation? I could really use your help. Check out my blog/site. You’ll see I’ve already written one book and I hope this can be the second. Thanks Paul. Blessings,

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