Physique show – contest updates

Well last weekend, after consultation with Mrs. Peterson and Rob Polenik, I made a big decision. I’m going to do not one but two shows – one on October 20th and one on November 3rd.

Why? Well, a group of us have been training for months for the October 20th show. As it turns out not everyone is ready to step on stage that day. This is not uncommon. Preparing for a show is a big deal. You are preparing your body to be viewed and judged by professional judges as well as be critiqued by your peers. It is imperative that you be at your best on that day.

According to my trainer, I’m ready for the show. So I was faced with a dilemma… do the show alone or wait two more weeks until the next show (in Greensboro, NC) on November 3rd.

Since June I’ve dreamed of two things: 1) being prepared for and participating in my first contest. 2) Celebrating with my friends who have sacrificed, trained and dieted with the same level of intensity that I have.

Walking out and doing the show without my friends didn’t feel right. I told Sherri, “I don’t want to cross the finish line alone. I want to finish with the people I started with.”

Initially I thought I’d just skip the October 20th show… but I’ve trained so hard for it… and I’m ready.

So, after conversation and consideration, I deterimined to participate in the October 20th show and maintain my diet and training for two more weeks to participate in the November show.

The good things about this are that I get to cross the finish line with my friends, it will enhance my resume as a personal trainer, and it will give me more contest experience.

The not so good thing about this is that I have to wait two more weeks to eat like a normal person again! But… it’ll be worth it… I’m sure of it.

I can’t wait to travel to Greensboro with Rob, Betty, Sharon, and Naamah where we will all make ourselves and our families and friends proud, and make it a GREAT day for Brutal Iron Gym!

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