Simple answers are often the truest answers

Steven F. Hayward in his book, “The Age of Reagan: The Fall of the Old Liberal Order” writes…

“The greatest shock about Reagan was that he meant what he said. His ‘simplicity’ was his chief virtue, and the key to his success. No one in Establishment politics could quite believe Reagan when he repeatedly said in various forms,

“I say there are simple answers to many of our problems – simple but hard.” “It’s the complicated answer that’s easy because it avoids facing the hard moral issue.”

I LOVE this!

I find that it’s often true that the longer we talk the more the more likely we are rationalizing and compromising.

The truth is often simple… yet often hard.

The answer to most problems becomes obvious to those who will work through the clutter of emotion, the sway of public opinion, and the desire for self-preservation.

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