Start talking to yourself

talking-to-self1-e1347939363331I believe it was M. Scott Peck who said we ought to “stop listening to ourselves and start talking to ourselves.” At first glance that doesn’t make much sense, but upon reflection it is a game-changer. Here’s why…

Typically the “little voice inside our head” spews negative messages (e.g. “You can’t” or “you won’t” or “you don’t deserve” or “you deserve this”, etc.). These messages are often echoes of what we’ve been told and/or experiences we’ve had in the past.

Many of us listen to those voices and consequently short-circuit the future we would like to experience.

What would happen though if we begin to talk to ourselves, and speak new messages? Rather than “You can’t” we begin to say, “I will.” Rather than “You don’t deserve” we begin to say, “I do.”

At first it might seem hokie, but is it any worse than listening to the constant stream of “you can’t/won’t/didn’t”? The crazy thing is that the more we talk to ourselves with positive messages the less we listen to that little voice in our heads… and the less we listen to that little voice… the more likely we are to make progress towards the future we desire!

So, at the risk of sounding like a 1970’s motivational speaker, here are some ideas for talking to yourself:

  • Write out positive messages to yourself and put them on your phone, in your car, on your mirror… somewhere where you will be forced to see them every day… multiple times!
  • Set alarms on your phone for multiple times through the day to remind you to talk to yourself (and when those alarms go off… read those positive messages you wrote to yourself).
  • Be prepared with a positive message to counter the negative messages of the little voice in your head. Have your message written out beforehand so you’re not caught off-guard when the little voices start their tirades! As soon as they start… you cut them short by talking to yourself.

One more thought…

Where do we get these new messages?

  • From the God who created us
  • From the books we read
  • From the positive people we associate with
  • From the positive desires we have

One thought on “Start talking to yourself

  1. Great message! Needed this today. If you get a chance to find an “oldie but goody” book called “Born to Win” by Lewis Timberlake, get it! It’s so well written and it’s one easy enough that I will read parts of it to my kids when they get a little older.

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