Listening… a great gift idea!

It’s amazing how much good just listening can do.

Think about it… every day people pay other people just to be heard (e.g. counselors, personal trainers, and life coaches). Believe me, in each of these instances while there is feedback taking place, the greater gift is a safe, non-judgmental environment in which to be heard.

11521812-two-men-talking-to-each-otherWhat would you give for someone who would listen to you without drawing conclusions about you while you tell your story… your whole story. You could whine or brag, question or explain, mourn or dream… and all without being critiqued or judged.

Hey, this may seem a little “pie in the sky” for you but I happen to believe that not only is it possible to find people like this… I also believe it is possible to be a person like this! Imagine how good it would feel to receive this gift and then imagine that someone else out there is imagining the same thing.

So here’s the question… What would happen today if you committed to asking “How are you… really?” Then just listening? And then remember this… you will sow what you reap! Listen… and you shall be heard.

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