A new definition of parenting

Recently I’ve been toying around with a new definition of parenting: “One long string of inefficiencies.”

Ever feel like that? No kidding, the other night in a 30 minute span I did the following:

  • Started making supper
  • Changed a poopy diaper
  • Went back to making supper
  • Unclogged a toilet (completed unrelated to the diaper matter)
  • Finished supper
  • *** this does not include all of the other things I no longer consider distractions (e.g. 5 conversations at the same time, filling drinks, rescuing falling children, yelling at the dog, etc.)

riley bathtubOK, so here’s the good news… it’ll end. The bad news is that when it ends your kids will be gone… grown. So, enjoy the inefficiencies. Breathe a little. Laugh. Write them down in your journal (or your kids journal). Remember that for this season of life parenting will consist of one long string of inefficiencies… and that’s okay.

3 thoughts on “A new definition of parenting

  1. it does? when?
    I’m nearly 54 now. I have 2 children 24 and 27. I am busier now than when we had football, baseball, cheerleading and soccer.
    you have 5!! Lol … I hate to be the bearer of bad news, it doesn’t end. they have moved out and they have moved back and they have moved out and they have moved back. now 1 is back in 1 is out. I have no idea what’s going to happen next

  2. I wonder if that definition could work for teaching too. 😉 Some days you feel like you didn’t really accomplish much. Oh well…there’s always tomorrow. 🙂

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