How to enjoy “yes”

yes-no-buttonsOne of the things I’ve been thinking about recently is the importance and timing of these two little giant words: “yes” and “no.”

I’m coming to realize this… you will enjoy your “yes” so much more if you are free and willing to say “no” more frequently.

For instance:

  • I can say “yes” and enjoy paying cash for Christmas if I say “no” to impulse spending through the year.
  • I can say “yes” and enjoy a strong and healthy body if I say “no” to impulse snacking.
  • I can say “yes” and enjoy a healthy and fun relationship with my bride if I say “no” to opportunities which present themselves during our scheduled date night.
  • I can say “yes” to a strong mind if I am willing to say “no” to thoughtless entertainment more often.
  • I can say “yes” to a dynamic relationship with my children if I am willing to say “no” to all of the distractions that regularly present themselves during family time (e.g. texts, e-mails, etc.)
  • and the list goes on…

Saying “no” can be difficult… especially if you don’t have a clear goal. If you have a clear goal though “no” becomes easier.

I want to say “YES” and enjoy it… but I know that before that can happen I’m going to have to say “NO” quite frequently.

So how about you? How are you at saying “No”? What insight can you share about the power of this word?

One thought on “How to enjoy “yes”

  1. I’m enjoying following your journey in self-control and its effect on family relationships. I’m just a few miles up the road from where you are since I am a father of girls, granddaughters, and even a great granddaughter!

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