2 meetings that will save your marriage

healthy husband wife relationshipRecently some friends of ours got a divorce.

“The Ladies” (i.e. our girls) were asking why. As I began to think through the dynamics that led to this divorce, and most divorces, I came to this conclusion… I think most, if not all, marriage problems could be addressed and resolved through two weekly meetings.


Weekly date night and weekly coin and calendar meeting.

Yep. It’s really that simple!

During date night you focus on one another. Laugh. Discuss. Plan. Make love. Dream. Trouble shoot. and a host of other things that you do not do during the rush of “real life.” A simple commitment to a weekly date night would fix most problems that marriages face. I know because I’ve been married for 15 years and like you we’ve had our share of hard & mean times (for instance, this time).

During Coin and Calendar meeting you sit down and review your spending plan (aka “Budget”) and look over your calendar. It’s during this time that we have our most “passionate” conversations! Seriously, time and money, if you aren’t on the same page on those two topics… you’re marriage is going to suck wind… and die. Sherri and I are both strong personalities, so when we are in disagreement on these matters… it’s a little tense! BUT when we sit down and work together… ahhhhh… then it’s like drinking smooth wine and eating rich chocolate!

Date Night and Coin & Calendar. These two meetings are on my weekly calendar as actual meetings. It is rare that I miss these meetings. I honor them like I would any other meeting. I prepare for them and look forward to them knowing that they will make me, Sherri, our marriage, and our home better.

Two meetings that will save your marriage. So, what do you think? Do you have these meetings? What are you doing to help your marriage?

One thought on “2 meetings that will save your marriage

  1. Really enjoyed this sermon – felt it to be very practical and positive. The key to it all is working on a Christ-centered life (something that I never will really “arrive” at in this lifetime!), being humble and open to correction, and have a sense of humor.

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