Physical Friday: the other 163 hours

Do you know how many hours there are in one week? Go ahead… take a guess.

There are 168 hours in a week.

Now, lets just say that you are one of the exceptional ones and you work out five days a week for one hour per session. That’s five hours per week of making your body work hard.

163That leaves 163 “other hours.”

Guess what! It’s what happens in the “other hours” that will make the biggest difference in your body!

If you want to lose weight, be strong, and build muscle it’s those “other hours” that will be the determining factor!

Exercise is a critical part of changing your body, developing health, and building strength… but the limiting factor on these five hours (or however much time you spend in the gym) is what you do in the “other hours.”

You can work hard, sweat much, and be committed to showing up at the gym, but if you’re not working equally hard in the “other hours” you’re going to be disappointed with the results of your hard work.

Here’s the scoop…

Being healthy is a way of life that is bigger than showing up at the gym for a few hours a week. It’s the result of a bunch of decisions that you make in the “other hours”. Like for instance:

  • what and when you will eat
  • when you will go to bed
  • the voices you will listen to

Being healthy, losing weight, building muscle, getting strong… all of these are the results of decisions that are made every hour of every day. It will cost you. You will have to give up some things. You will not always be understood. But then there’s the alternatives…

  • You will pay one way or the other. Unhealthy people pay too. They just pay someone else (e.g. the doctor).
  • Unhealthy people have to give things up too. Like for instance, they can’t go hiking with their kids. They can’t breathe after climbing a flight of stairs. They regularly combat sickness.
  • Unhealthy people aren’t always understood either. Hey, guess what! No one is ever always understood. Welcome to reality.

You have a decision to make… it’s all yours. What are you going to do with your body, mind, and spirit in “the other hours”? The decision you make about the other 163 will bring you the quickest and most noticeable results!

Go for it! Make the healthy and proactive decision today!

This post “How to enjoy ‘Yes'” might be helpful reading for you as you begin this journey!

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