What makes a great day

Today was a good day.

I got up early, ate breakfast, read a little, and did some dishes. Then the ladies started to rouse. We made juice (carrots, an apple, kale, and 1/2 head of lettuce), ate breakfast then headed out to watch a basketball game at Oakdale Baptist Church. We cheered and laughed with friends and celebrated a good game.

After that we went to Cherry Park, walked the trail then wore the ladies out at the park.

Then we went home, ate lunch and put the ladies down for quiet time/nap. Sherri and I cuddled up to watch Captain America on Netflix. Both of us fell asleep. Nice.

We woke up, played with the dog, clipped her toe nails, and laughed together.

Then I headed out to Starbucks to put some final thoughts on paper for tomorrow’s lesson at Church180.

Tonight I’m going to hang out with some friends to watch UFC 158 where George St. Pierre will put a beat down on Nick Diaz.

It’s been a most wonderful day.

One thought on “What makes a great day

  1. Sounds like a fantabulous day! Different sounding than the fabulous days of yesteryear would have. J and I have issues staying awake through movies too. It’s been awhile since we’ve made it to the end credits. 🙂

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