Big announcement today at Church180

Today at Church180 we made a big announcement.

Over the course of the next year we will be hosting two world care trips! One to Mexico (July 27 – August 2 of this year), and one to Uganda (January of 2014).

What’s so cool about both of these ventures is that we are partnering with some great people to make this happen.

The trip to Mexico is in conjunction with Mountain Lake Church in Atlanta, Georgia and Hands and Feet Ministry.

The trip to Uganda is in partnership with E3.

The leader for this project from Church180 is Fran Hinson. Fran has actually taken the trip to Uganda… and been revolutionized by it!

Our church has worked hard to reach out to our local community through partnerships with Ebinport Elementary and Pilgrims Inn. Those partnerships will continue.

Now it’s time to expand our reach, and I can’t be more excited about who is leading this charge, the groups we are working with, and the places we are going!

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