Some waddup

For a while I was doing quite well with my blogging schedule. Cranking out daily posts, editorializing like I was on staff at the New York Times!

And then it quit. The keyboard went silent. I owe myself and you, my faithful albeit few, readers an explanation. So here we go… we bought a house! Therefore we moved.

We are still living in Rock Hill, SC, but now the house is ours. OURS!

And now some waddup…

Things are going quite well at Church180. We are making some important changes coming up soon and will be announcing several of them at our next Wednesday Night Live (June 26th).

I am starting to diet for my next physique show in October. It feels good to be back under a controlled diet. I really enjoyed the 5/3/1 (strength training) program and definitely got stronger in the six months I trained in that program, but powerlifting is not my sweet spot. I’m more cut out for the physique side of things and look forward to training for my second show. The first stage of my preparation is working “The Cube”, a “powerbuilding” routine developed by Brandon Lilly.

Spiritually, God has brought some interesting voices into my life recently. From a gay friend to an older gentleman who is navigating some “Valley of the Shadow of Death” issues. These conversations have given me reason to pause, pray, and think deeply about the things I believe and why I believe them. I’m going to be thinking out loud about these and other topics in the future.

Right now I’m reading a couple of books that are taking my “daddy game” to the next level:

OK, that’s enough “waddup” for one day. I’ll see you later!

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