Going to two church times…

2On Sunday, September 8th, Church180 is changing church times.

We will be offering two, identical church services at 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

Let me tell you what will be the same:


  • The band will be the same.
  • We will sing the same songs.
  • The comedic elements will be the same at both church times.
  • The teaching and teacher will be the same at both church times.
  • The kids church (Family180) will be the same at both church times.

Now let me tell you what will be different:

  • The volunteers. Each church time will have a different set of volunteers. For some areas initially this may not be true, but it will be a reality for every area soon.
  • The size of the church. Initially our building will not be as full as it is now. It will seem smaller… but that gives room for your friends and family to sit with you!
  • The feel. Over time each church time will develop its own feel. This is the toughest part of going to two services. You will need to decide which church you are going to be a part of… the 9:30 or the 11:00. Just like one church time has developed a feel, so will two church times develop their own feel. You can be a big part of creating the feel of the church time you attend!

We are adding some new touches as we kick off the new church times:

  • We are asking everyone who calls C180 home to find a place to volunteer! If you are a teacher, or your volunteer position takes you out of the adult church, we are asking you to “serve in one and sit in one.” AND…
  • For our volunteers who have children, we are offering a room (we haven’t named it yet) where they can hang out, snack, play games, and chat with friends. Some of your kids may want to go to both church times, but for those that don’t we’ll take care of them while you volunteer! hoover
  • On Sunday night, September 8th, we are starting Pulse. Pulse is our student ministry for grades 6-12. Paul and Kaycee Hoover are leading this charge… and they don’t get much cooler than these guys!
  • There will be some decor changes as well… I’m sure you’ll be surprised… in a good way!

So that’s some of what you can expect as we transition our church times.

And before I go… let me tell you, again, why we are doing this…

We are intent on creating a place where men will come to church… and come back. A place where skeptics, and unchurched people will find a place to make friends, explore God’s ideas, and make some important decisions. A place where kids will experience THE BEST DAY OF THEIR WEEK!

Two church times gives people ANOTHER opportunity to experience all of these things!

Two church times also gives our volunteers a chance to sit with their family and friends in “adult” church.

It’s coming soon… September 8th!

Get ready… invite your friends… find your place to volunteer. Let’s do this!

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