Four agreements for every family

Right now at Church180 we are in a teaching series called “Ideal Family.”

This teaching series is based on the wisdom of St. Paul in Ephesians 4:17-5:21.

Today we discussed the four agreements every family would be wise to make with one another!

Agreement #1: I will not go to bed angry. I will speak encouraging words before I go to bed.

Agreement #2: I will not make or accept excuses. I will accept responsibility for myself and my home.

Agreement #3: I will not make decisions thoughtlessly. I will seek wisdom through prayer and other means.

Agreement #4: I will not allow myself to be under the control of anything that impairs my judgment. I will allow God to control my life.

We also mentioned, as does St. Paul, that the husband, man, father, is responsible for hitting the “start” button.

These agreements will take your family to the next level and help you create the “ideal family”!

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