Hungry… but not by choice

I just ate. I’m still hungry.

But for me this is a choice. I am preparing for a Physique Show in 5 days. Though I have not eaten much, I have already eaten three times today (it’s lunch time now), and I have eaten well at each meal. The quality of my food is not in question; it is safe for consumption, and the quantity is there should I choose to permit myself to eat more.

I was thinking this morning about how hungry I am… and then I thought…

I am hungry by choice. There are, however, millions of people around the world who are hungry and not because they choose to be.

Today, in a moment of clarity my heart goes out to the hungry around the world and my prayer goes up to my God for them that they may soon know the pleasure of a nourishing meal.

As I reflect on this I realize, I am blessed and unaware.

I have so much goodness in my life that I take for granted:

  • The warmth of my wife’s body at night as we sleep together.
  • The happy squeals of six girls.
  • A refrigerator packed with food (and another one in the garage in case the first one gets too full).
  • Clothes that are clean thanks to a nice washer and dryer.
  • A car that is never too hot or too cold when I climb in first thing in the morning. That’s because it has it’s own house (aka a garage).
  • Friends who are honest with me.
  • A church where I can worship my God with no fear of humiliation or persecution.

I could go on and on… so could you.

The point I suppose of this whole blog post is to say “Thank you” to my God for those things I have grown accustomed to and regularly take for granted.

It is also to breathe a prayer for those who have less than what they need and even ask my God, “What can I do to help?”

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