3 things guys talk about

Starting this weekend at Church180 we are having a conversation called, “Three Things Guys Talk About.”

Can you guess what they are? web_currentSex. Success. and Sports.

The bottom line in this series is to make the case that “it is absolutely okay and good to be a man.” During this series we are going to explore what the Bible has to say about and to men, and we are going to learn how to be a man that makes God smile and women secure.

As a man, and a father of six daughters, it is my rock solid belief that the church needs to have this conversation! I want my girls to find good men who honor God, assume personal responsibility, and treat her with respect. I want son-in-laws who have courage, take initiative, and embrace the best of both poet and warrior.

The more I read/study Scripture the more I become convinced that God’s ideal man is the poet/warrior man who can write a sonnet and kick some tail. He has both wisdom and courage. He knows how to be gentle and stern… and the list goes on.

This will not be a series of conversations where we apologize for men. Instead we will define, explain, and encourage real manliness.

I’m looking forward to this conversation!

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