Two great posts on why & how to read

Sometimes I find myself in a situation where I really just need someone to listen to my problem and then give me good advice; someone who’s faced the issue I’m facing.

Often it’s difficult to access those people face to face… so I’ve found another way!


Sitting down with a book is much like sitting down with its author… only with the book you get MORE TIME with the author than you would if you simply had coffee with him/her.

In a book, the author gets to fully flesh out his ideas without interruption, and without time limits. He can thoroughly tell his story and explain himself… something he could not do over a cup of coffee.

When you hold a book you hold literally hundreds of hours of the author’s best thinking on the subject. You have access to her research, experience, and wisdom; and you can take as much time as you need to process it… something you could not do over a cup of coffee!

This morning I found two great articles that highlighted the why and how of a solid reading plan. I printed them out and then thought, “I need to share these with my friends!” So here you go…

Go check these articles out and follow their advice! I’m confident you’ll be better for it! And as you do this I want to leave you with a bit of wisdom I’ve gleaned from somewhere… I just can’t remember where…

For every book you choose to read you choose not to read hundreds of others so choose wisely!

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