Physique show results and pics

Yesterday I competed in my third physique show! This one was a natural show… we had to take a lie detector test to confirm that we had not used any banned/illegal substances to artificially enhance our bodies.

I worked super hard for this show… and came in second place. I’m pleased with this result… though not satisfied. I’ll be working for first.

Sherri was amazing during this process! She encouraged me, helped prepare food, applied tanning to spots I couldn’t reach, never complained about the time I was gone from home training… and picked up the slack when I wasn’t there. I couldn’t/wouldn’t do this without the support of Mrs. Peterson. Babe, I love you!

Thanks too, to Rob Polenik, the owner of Brutal Iron Gym and my personal trainer for the last three shows. Rob has been a good friend and a great trainer throughout this process. I’m super happy working with Rob and look forward to the next show!

It was great watching Lisa and Rochelle prepare for this competition as well. These shows require months of long hard work, fanatical dedication, and uncompromising focus on the goal. These ladies (both of whom are over 40) proved that you can do amazing things when you have a clear goal, a good plan, and rock solid commitment.

So here are some pics from the event…

paul, rob, lisa, rochelle
Placement of the hands seems weird… it’s because they are resting on the sword I was awarded as second place finisher! paul and sherri 1


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