“You’re getting fat.”

I’ve heard that TWICE today! Once from a friend… and once from the lovely and talented Mrs. Peterson.

Now keep in mind that in May I had abs that won second place in a physique show.

I’ve gone from hearing, “You’re getting really thin” in May, to “You’re getting fat” in October.

What’s going on?!

I’ll tell you…

I’m working on a dream.

I want to win my next physique show competition on May 9, 2015.

After the competition in May, when I came in second place, I asked the judges what I needed to do. They said, “You need to add size to your chest and arms.” So I am. I workout five times per week, and I eat seven times a day… seven meals. Minimal junk-food… lots of meat, rice, and vegetables! And, believe it or not… I’m gaining weight! 😉

Here’s the thing…

To get to your goal you’ve got to be willing to go places you’ve not gone before and do things you’ve not done before.

In other words…

You’ve got to be willing to live like you’ve never lived.

I just read a quote that is stuck on the back of my eyelids:

“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” Andre Gide

I’m not a big fan of being called “fat”… but I’m a HUGE fan of winning. I know that all of this excess fat/water weight I’m putting on now will begin coming off in January and by next May I’ll be lean again with 8-10 pounds of muscle that I didn’t have last year! And you know what? I’ll undoubtedly hear things like, “You’re looking really thin.” 😉

I want to win so bad next year that I’m okay putting on all this extra fat, water, muscle… even if it means being a bit uncomfortable now.

Now, this is a rather shallow goal, I will give you that. BUT, the idea is not shallow at all. The idea of leaving your comfort zone, being misunderstood, not feeling, looking, acting like the old you… in order to create a new you… THAT is something worth hanging on to! It’s a journey worth taking!

So, are you willing to be called “fat” because you are gaining muscle? “Tightwad” because you are not spending money so you can get out of debt? “Boring” because you’ve decided not to party and instead invest those hours in writing that book?

Remember the quote…

“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” Andre Gide


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