You can’t grow without this…


Rigorous, systematic, evaluation of yourself.

The evaluators can include others, but MUST include yourself… because at the end of the day, you know you best.

Right now I am evaluating my prayer life and my performance in the gym, among other things.

Sitting over a cup of coffee at Starbucks, talking to no one, reading a book, listening to the quiet whispers in my soul… I know some things are missing.

I’ve known this for a while… but I haven’t known them as clearly or heard them as loudly as today.


Because today I set apart some time for a rigorous self evaluation.

Now, an evaluation is not necessarily a “let’s beat the crap out of myself” session. Nope. It is an honest evaluation of where I am, whether or not I am happy here, and what I need to do to grow to the next level.

This exercise has many uses… in fact, it is helpful for every area of life: spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, relational, professional… and any other word that ends in “al” that you can think of!

I want my biceps and my faith to grow… so that requires that I spend some time evaluating!

A few practices that I’ve found to be helpful in this area include:

  • Plan a regular meeting with yourself to evaluate yourself.
  • Have a general outline that you follow during this meeting.
  • Speak sternly to yourself when you must, and take every opportunity to celebrate what you can! You’re not doing EVERYTHING wrong. You are undoubtedly doing a few things right. Point them out… and have a piece of cake to celebrate! 😉
  • Talk to God during this time.
  • Make some notes! (Remember, a fair idea on paper is better than an excellent idea that is forgotten… because you didn’t write it down!)

Well, that’s what I think. How about you? Do you evaluate yourself? Do you find self-evaluation to be helpful?

What ideas do you have to make this a more efficient practice?

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