The top five things parents say to their kids at the beach

Last week we went to the beach. I found myself saying a handful of lines over and over and over and…

The crazy thing was that I overheard several other parents saying some of the same lines!

So, if you are a parent headed to the beach, I thought it would be helpful of me to help you get your lines ready in advance. Ready? Here we go…

1) Get off my towel!

There really is not much worse than sandy feet walking on the towel you are planning to lie down on.

2) Stop throwing sand!

There’s an entire beach… why do you have to throw sand 2 inches from my oil covered, tanning body?

3) Do you have to pee or poop?

Pee? Let ‘er rip in the waves. Poop? We’ve gotta go back to the room. (Don’t judge me… you’ve done the same thing.)

4) Stop staring!

I agree that some people simply should not appear in public undressed like that… but we can’t stare… and certainly giggling is off limits.

5) Don’t bring that thing over here! AHHHHH!

My kids find sea creatures fascinating. I’m not particularly fond of dead jellyfish hovering over my head while I’m working on my tan.

We definitely said other things, laughed a lot, and made memories that will last forever. These are the things, however, that seemed to be said the most!

And you? What lines do you find yourself saying to your children at the beach?

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