Weekend review (4/11/15)

Kill the Monster - Banner 4 - brighter (1)Yesterday was week two of our series called, “Kill The Monster”. We talked about killing the Anger Monster. If you missed it you can watch it here.

This particular monster is a big one for me. I hate it. It surprises me from time to time… and I’m never like, “Oh hey! It’s good to see you!” NO WAY! I hate it! It embarrasses me, shames me, and more often than not makes me look like a fool.

I taught yesterday as one who has been scarred by my own anger. I talked with humility but eagerness, because I believe there is hope for people who struggle with anger!

We looked at three pieces of advice from a man who had struggled with anger… David… the poet/warrior/king. His reflections on anger came as he was being lied about and publicly smeared by jealous, angry enemies. After some reflection he wrote:

Don’t sin by letting anger gain control over you. Think about it overnight and remain silent. Offer proper sacrifices, and trust in the LORD. (Psalm 4:4-5 NLT)

Now I don’t want to write out all of the sermon, because you can see it online (right here). I do want to share some “tweetables” from the teaching yesterday…

  • Anger is a signal that a line has been crossed, a boundary violated, or that something is wrong.
  • Anger is a gift from God. The first thing we should do when we get angry is thank Him that our signals work!
  • Every time, in the Bible, that God gets angry, it is in response to a line being crossed… a boundary violated.
  • If we don’t address the problem to which anger is pointing, anger will destroy us.
  • I have a reputation for running out of gas.
  • Those who control their anger have great understanding; those with a hasty temper will make mistakes. (Proverbs 14:29 NLT)
  • When I’m angry, the first thing that comes to mind usually isn’t the right thing.
  • There are two things a person should never be angry at, what they can help, and what they cannot. Plato
  • (too long to be tweeted, but still really good!) “When you have done everything you knew to do, been as creative as possible, received lots of sound advice, gone the third mile, persisted, and prayed then it may be time to move past anger and problem solving.” John Townsend

Again, if you missed this teaching you can catch it here.

So how about you, do you struggle with anger? What’s your plan for destroying that monster?

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