Killing Fear – Weekend Review (4/19/15)

Kill the Monster - Banner 4 - brighter (1)Yesterday was week three of our “Kill The Monster” series at Church180. Pastor David Roller was our guest speaker yesterday. That man can tell a story like very few people! He told the story of fear and how to kill it!

If you missed it, you can watch it here.

David Roller is not only a great storyteller, he is also a bishop in the Free Methodist church. For those of you who don’t know what that means, he is charged with the oversight of many churches. In fact, he oversees Free Methodist churches in Europe, Latin America and the East Coast of good ‘ole America!

After church was over, our pastors met with Bishop Roller and his wife to eat with them and hear from them; they also took the opportunity to hear from us.

I am so proud of our pastoral team at Church180. They are passionate, competent, and humble lovers of Jesus and people. We told our stories, laughed a ton, and were inspired as we heard from our bishop. I am excited and optimistic as our church continues to forge ahead to love God and do good in our community!

So, my favorite¬†tweetable from Bishop Roller’s teaching yesterday..

“We are called to be kings, and yet are hiding among the suitcases.”

If you missed the teaching yesterday, I encourage you to catch it right here.


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