Weekend review (5/17/15) – You CAN know some things about my God

Right now at Church180 we are in a teaching series called…


I started this whole series based on this premise…

“If my friends invited me to lunch and said, ‘we want you to tell us about your God’, what would I say to them? This series is my response.

I would start by saying, “I don’t always understand my God!” (You can watch the teaching here).

The second thing I would say to my friend… that’s what we talked about last Sunday…

“You CAN know some things about my God.”

Before we talked about some ways we can know God, we discussed how a LOT of us “know” God…

  • I think…
  • I feel…
  • I see…

Regarding this last way many people “know” things about God, I shared a quote from Tim Keller’s book, “The Reason For God”:

“Many people who take an intellectual stand against Christianity do so against a background of personal disappointment with Christians and churches.”

Then we asked this question…

What if we’re wrong?

What if we’re wrong about what we think, feel, and see about God?

The next question we asked was, How do we know God?

I suggested that we know God like we know anyone else…

we listen to what they say about his or her self!

We talked a bit about the fact that God has said a LOT about Himself… in the Bible! I took time to talk to people who are skeptical about the Bible (you can watch the entire teaching here).

Then we talked about the best way to know God… look at Jesus!

A couple of quotes we used to make that case:

  • Long ago God spoke many times and in many ways to our ancestors through the prophets. But now in these final days, he has spoken to us through his Son. […] The Son reflects God’s own glory, and everything about him represents God exactly. (Hebrews 1:1-3 NLT)
  • Christ is the visible image of the invisible God. (Colossians 1:15 NLT)

I can know a lot of things about God by looking at Jesus!

Everything that Jesus did and said is what God is all about!

He loves children, He is angry about hypocrites, He loves people who don’t fit in, He hates when the religious system monetizes His love, He has high expectations, He is incredibly merciful…

So for me, when I’m talking with my friends who don’t believe like I do… everything I believe about God is based on one person…Jesus.

We spent time talking about the importance of the resurrection when it comes to knowing anything about God (again, you can catch the whole teaching here).

At the end of the day I did my best to make this case…

I don’t understand everything about God, but there are plenty of things I do know and am sure of in regards to my God!

If you missed it, here are some “tweetables” from last week’s teaching:


  •  Lots of people “know things about God based on how they feel… which is great if you’re not depressed or hungover.
  • (a little long for a tweet… but still noteworthy) “Many people who take an intellectual stand against Christianity do so against a background of personal disappointment with Christians and churches.” Tim Keller
  • (a little long for a tweet… but still noteworthy)Most of the agnostics and anti-religious people I know have at some point had an experience with Christians or the church that left them staggering… and they concluded, “if that’s what God is like… I’m out.”
  • That’s why Church180 is here… to help change the way people see Christians and the church!
  • we all have a family member that we hope no one judges us by! BTW, if you don’t know who that is in your family… it’s probably you!
  • The best way to know someone is for them to tell you about himself/herself.
  • Relationships with people, and God always work better when you listen to the other party before making conclusions!
  • The Bible is written history… something that most people aren’t overly skeptical of in other circumstances.
  • The Bible is written history which when properly read tells us a lot about God.
  • I can know a lot of things about God by looking at Jesus!

If you missed this lesson you can watch it here! I’d love to hear from you… how do you know what you know about God?

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