I’ve just gotta say this about my bride…

There are so many good things for me to celebrate about my bride, Sherri Peterson​.

paul and sherri kissing

Today I’m especially smitten by how she looks. She is beautiful. Not just the inward beauty that anyone can/should have… but also an outward beauty. In modern parlance, she is a “hotty”!

It’s not that she “looks good for having 6 kids”.

Nope. She just looks good!

Her secret is rather simple… but not easy.

She is careful with what she eats, though not extreme. She will, from time to time, enjoy a bit of “junk” with the rest of us mortals, but on the whole she is mindful of what she eats.

Sherri pays attention to what our family eats. Lots of lean meat, vegetables, and fruits… and tons of water.

Don’t get me wrong, we can CRUSH a cheesecake, and make a pizza disappear before Joey McPeek even knew it was there, but on a normal basis it’s clean and natural (as the budget will allow).

Then there’s this…

She exercises. Three times per week the lovely and talented Mrs. Peterson enters Brutal Iron Gym and puts her body through a rigorous workout! I know because she tells me how sore she is for the next three days! 😉

Here’s the thing about my bride…

She’s as busy as anyone I know.

She has six kids of her own PLUS she babysits 1-3 children per day! It’s not uncommon to have a dozen or more kids in our house counting our kids, friends, and babysiting kids!

She gets up early and doesn’t stop til’ late. Every day:

  • the kids are properly groomed
  • 3 healthy meals and two snacks are served
  • things are picked up and put away
  • problems are solved
  • people are transported where they need to go
  • She graciously tolerates my primitive advances
  • She closes down our house every night with peace and love
  • AND she does much of this on her own as I am busy working as a pastor and personal trainer!

Sherri is constantly on the go yet maintains an internal and external beauty that is breathtaking.

I love working, loving, parenting, troubleshooting, fighting, and living with her. After almost 18 years of marriage this girl still makes my knees week and my heart beat faster.

There are tons of excuses she could offer for not caring for herself… for living in sweatpants and hair curlers… for being 5x the woman she used to be. She offers none. She simply gets up every day and makes the extra effort and for that I just have to say…

Mrs. Peterson… I love you, and today I celebrate and honor you for the way you keep yourself. Thank you for caring about this part of your life.

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