Some “waddup”

It has been quiet for a long time here on the blog!

While I’m not particularly happy about that… there are reasons!

Let me tell you what’s been happening in my life recently…

  • I’ve been working on a book! It’s called “First Half Parenting – Help for Parents With Kids from 1-10”. I’ll be telling you more about this in the weeks to come… but for now I am super excited as this book is getting closer to a reality!
  • Our church, Church180, is going through some huge changes! From personnel to facility… we are growing and the changes that come with that are exciting, fast, and important!
  • I had the chance last weekend to head up to New York to talk with some great people about sexuality in the church. It was a gratifying and insightful experience to be a part of that experience.
  • We’re working hard on our “Kill Debt Plan”. We can’t wait to travel to Dave Ramsey’s office and scream “WE’RE DEBT FREE” at the top of our lungs… all eight of us!!! But between now and then we are nose to the grindstone… working hard… spending little… paying off lots!!! My kids hate debt… and for that I am happy.

I’m looking forward to getting back on the blogging scene and hope you will join with me as these next few months are going to be big ones for me and, I trust, a lot of other people too!


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