Making Space

Making Space1

Are you tired? Are you too busy to take a break? Are you so busy that you don’t have time to enjoy your life? Are you stressed out? Do you have unchecked action items on your to-do list at the end of every day? Are you living with no space… no margin in your life?

Richard Swenson wrote a book called Margin that every busy person should read. Seriously!

Swenson says “margin is the amount allowed beyond that which is needed.” Do you have that? A little more time than is needed? A little more money than is needed? A little more strength than is needed? Most of us live so that we need more… never enough… always catching up.

Swenson writes:

Many people commit to a 120% life and wonder why the burden feels so heavy. It is rare to see a life prescheduled to only 80%, leaving a margin for responding to the unexpected that God sends our way.”

Starting on 9/11/16 we are doing a teaching series at Church180 called “Making Space.” We are going to tackle this problem head on. The truth is that most of us live with no margin… no space. Consequently we enjoy God, family, friends, and fulfilling work much less than we could. There are answers. They are simple. Simple, but not necessarily easy.

This series will require each of us to take a hard look at the vision for our lives, our habits, and the daily decisions we make that lead us to a life with no space. We can change this!

I’m excited and convicted as I prepare for this series. I know I have changes that I’m making and I hope you will join me either at church or online as we explore this matter and learn how to “Make Space.”


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