From My Notebook (1 JAN 20 – 16 FEB 20)

Every week I hear and think things on which I need to ACT (Act on, Contemplate, or Teach).  I write them down in my notebook and ACT on them.  Some of them are just too good to keep to myself, so  I’m going to experiment for a while with a new post series, “From  My  Notebook”  in which I share these ACT notes.

  • “Most of the time you never get a ‘perfect order’ from the boss.  You just have to pick up everything you can and put it together using your best thinking.”


  • “Sawubona” – an African greeting that means “I see you, you are important to me and I value you”.  (Thanks for the insight CSM Kammer)


  • “God can’t heal the fake you.  He can only heal the real you.” Daniel Floyd


  • How to take notes while reading, at a conference, in a meeting, etc. – take them and beside each note label it with an “A” “C” or “T”. A = actions I need to take. C = things I need to contemplate. T = things I need to teach. (Thanks Daniel Floyd)


  • “You have to be able to ‘Control F’ life.” SSG Hudson (Control F is a keyboard hack that allows you to find information quickly in a document). 


  • How to do a relevant brief to your leaders: What… so what… which means… therefore my recommendation is….” (Thanks CH Ronnie Fisher).


  • “Be professional 100% of the time and you will avoid 90% of the problems.”


  • “The way you change the behavior is to change the relationship.”


  • 3 ways to respond to a request: “Yes.”  “Yes, but…” “No.”


  • “Do not become a “single point of failure.”  Always have a backup system/plan.

I’m grateful for the smart people with whom I associate and the great books I have available that challenge me and make me think.

What do you do with the “memorables” you hear?

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