From My Notebook (1 JAN 20 – 16 FEB 20)

Every week I hear and think things on which I need to ACT (Act on, Contemplate, or Teach).  I write them down in my notebook and ACT on them.  Some of them are just too good to keep to myself, so  I'm going to experiment for a while with a new post series, "From  My  … Continue reading From My Notebook (1 JAN 20 – 16 FEB 20)

BIG change for Team Peterson!

(Artwork by Larry Selman, titled "They Were Always There") Yesterday at Church180, Sherri and I shared some big news (no, we're not having another baby). The best way to share it here is to share a letter with you that we sent to the church: To my friends and “family” at Church180, This will be … Continue reading BIG change for Team Peterson!

What’s worse than having sex with your step-mom?

WHOA!! Crazy question huh? Well, this morning I was reading St. Paul's letter to the Corinthians. I know what's in this letter... I've read it dozens of times. I know that Paul is going to rebuke the church for being proud of one of their members who was having sex with his step-mom. Do you … Continue reading What’s worse than having sex with your step-mom?

Why I stepped away from personal training

Last week I made the most difficult decision of my life thus far. I decided to step away from being a personal trainer. For the last five years I have been a personal trainer at a place that literally transformed my life... Brutal Iron Gym. When I first walked into that building, back in 2009, … Continue reading Why I stepped away from personal training

Thinking about “Urgency”

I've been thinking a lot about urgency lately. Here are a few unedited and non-finalized thoughts about this subject: When I am urgent about something I am laser-focused on it. It is almost impossible to be urgent about multiple things simultaneously. Urgency in one area generally means neglect of other areas. How do I live … Continue reading Thinking about “Urgency”

Death and marriage

Sunday night Sherri and I sat with a couple and planned out their wedding. They were excited... and a little nervous. There was laughter and hope as we discussed the beginning of "happily ever after." Monday morning Sherri and I sat with a mom and her daughter and planned out the mom's funeral. There were some tears; … Continue reading Death and marriage