You don’t need more inspiration

Seriously... sometimes the last thing you need is another inspirational quote or another inspirational talk on YouTube. Sometimes you just need to get up and start doing the thing you've been wanting to do. We lie to ourselves thinking, "I just need one more person to tell me to do it." We procrastinate our lives … Continue reading You don’t need more inspiration

I’ve just gotta say this about my bride…

There are so many good things for me to celebrate about my bride, Sherri Peterson​. Today I'm especially smitten by how she looks. She is beautiful. Not just the inward beauty that anyone can/should have... but also an outward beauty. In modern parlance, she is a "hotty"! It's not that she "looks good for having … Continue reading I’ve just gotta say this about my bride…

The top five things parents say to their kids at the beach

Last week we went to the beach. I found myself saying a handful of lines over and over and over and... The crazy thing was that I overheard several other parents saying some of the same lines! So, if you are a parent headed to the beach, I thought it would be helpful of me … Continue reading The top five things parents say to their kids at the beach

Working with a part-time/volunteer team

At Church180 we have a great team of pastors (missing in the picture above is our student pastor and our administrative assistant). Only one of our pastors is full time so we have to get creative to find a space where we are all available to meet and communicate. One of the things that is working … Continue reading Working with a part-time/volunteer team

Sometimes you need another voice

This morning I read the story of Moses... how he led the fledgling nation of Israel out from under the oppressive hand of the Egyptians. But before that actually happened something else took place... Moses had gone to Pharaoh to tell him it was time to release the Jewish people from slavery. The conversation had … Continue reading Sometimes you need another voice

Talk like today is your last day

This morning I got the call that every pastor dreads... "She's gone." Only this time it wasn't someone I was expecting. It was Mary. Young Mary. Full of life. Great mom. Exceptional wife. Much-loved teacher. True-blue friend. Exciting, funny, caring, helpful... that Mary. I can't believe it. No one can. 4 1/2 months ago I was … Continue reading Talk like today is your last day