Three tips for fundraisers

Ben Franklin had some great advice for fundraisers! Ask people you KNOW will give. Ask those who might give. Let them know what you've raised so far. If appropriate, show them who's already given. Ask those you know won't give. They may surprise you! NEVER say "No" for someone! Give them a chance to surprise … Continue reading Three tips for fundraisers

Why didn’t the church plant survive? (Part 1)

First of all, thanks to each of you who have connected with us since we announced that we would not be launching Walls Down Church. Your encouraging words, inspired prayers, and gracious offers have moved us deeply. We are blessed to have friends like you. Thank you. Now to the issue at hand - why … Continue reading Why didn’t the church plant survive? (Part 1)

So why did you guys pull the plug on the church plant

Over the next weeks/months I'm going to be answering a lot of questions I've been asked or that or that have been implied regarding our decision to conclude our church planting effort. This has potential to be a huge learning experience for all of us (particularly church planters). Why do this? The truth is that … Continue reading So why did you guys pull the plug on the church plant

Some Walls Down Waddup

Hey guys! This is the toughest "waddup" I've ever written. Several years ago God began to stir a desire for something new in my heart. After exploring it through prayer, long conversations with my bride, consultation with mentors and friends, and deep thought, I concluded that God was calling us to start a church. We … Continue reading Some Walls Down Waddup

Confidence and humility

Reading from Tim Keller's book Reason for God I came across these words that quite adequately describe my experience (all bolding is my own). When my own personal grasp of the gospel was very weak, my self-view swung wildly between two poles. When I was performing up to my standards - in academic work, professional … Continue reading Confidence and humility