So why did you guys pull the plug on the church plant

Over the next weeks/months I'm going to be answering a lot of questions I've been asked or that or that have been implied regarding our decision to conclude our church planting effort. This has potential to be a huge learning experience for all of us (particularly church planters). Why do this? The truth is that … Continue reading So why did you guys pull the plug on the church plant

Some Walls Down Waddup

Hey guys! This is the toughest "waddup" I've ever written. Several years ago God began to stir a desire for something new in my heart. After exploring it through prayer, long conversations with my bride, consultation with mentors and friends, and deep thought, I concluded that God was calling us to start a church. We … Continue reading Some Walls Down Waddup

Confidence and humility

Reading from Tim Keller's book Reason for God I came across these words that quite adequately describe my experience (all bolding is my own). When my own personal grasp of the gospel was very weak, my self-view swung wildly between two poles. When I was performing up to my standards - in academic work, professional … Continue reading Confidence and humility

Money isn’t everything

John Wesley had just taken up a "large sum of money" for the Indian schools in America. After collecting the offering he reflected in his journal: "A large sum of money is now collected; but will money convert Heathens? Find preachers of David Brainerd's spirit, and nothing can stand before them; but without this, what … Continue reading Money isn’t everything

Honest confessions of a church planter

Today I am a bit overwhelmed for multiple reasons. Today I want to rest in green pastures beside peaceful streams... but the ground is covered with ice and the grass is brown. A metaphor? Yes, but it is highly indicative of current reality. Today I look back at the days when I was senior pastor … Continue reading Honest confessions of a church planter

My friend Jeff Murphy

I am so proud of my friend Jeff Murphy. Jeff and I went through the church-planting residency at Mountain Lake Church together. This past Sunday he and his team started My Church. The defining characteristics of My Church are "Live Big, Love Big, and Give Big." No one models these values better than Jeff … Continue reading My friend Jeff Murphy