Go to this ministry event

Pastors and church leaders, If you're in ministry you need to go to this conference... churchplanters.com 2009. Even if you're not a church planter you're guaranteed to walk away with a TON of inspiration, motivation, ideas for application, and even some beautification (for some reason... church planters are some of the prettiest people on the … Continue reading Go to this ministry event

A review of the preview (part 2)

Hey guys! Several of you have asked how many people showed up on Sunday. There were 25 people at the Preview Service. So what happens now? During the weekend everyone filled out a "Communication Card." We will follow up with each person who filled out a card. During the conversation we will ask them if … Continue reading A review of the preview (part 2)

Some Walls Down waddup

Starting a new church is an experience in emotional diversity! Excitement, disappointment, Courage, fear, Strategy, adjustments, etc. It's blazing these days around here so let me give you some of the best "waddup". Tuesday night we had a meeting at my house to share the vision of Walls Down and prepare for this weekend. It's … Continue reading Some Walls Down waddup

A strategic decision for Walls Down

One week ago today we made a strategic decision regarding Walls Down Church. When we set our "start date" (January) back in March we were sitting in David Putman's office at Mountain Lake Church in Cumming, Georgia. It was the "ivory tower" experience of church planting. There was so much we could not have known … Continue reading A strategic decision for Walls Down

Walls Down at the YMCA – the weekend in pictures

Here are some pics of what the Walls Down setting looks like at the YMCA Express: Pulling up... It's a YMCA... The first sign you see on your way in... Coffee and some encouragement for the day... When you go to the bathroom you'll see one of these... When you walk into the room where … Continue reading Walls Down at the YMCA – the weekend in pictures

Do Not Be Afraid (from John Piper)

I read some great stuff on John Piper's blog this morning. I found these words particularly insightful: "[God ]want us to increasingly find freedom from fear. You see, real freedom is not the liberty to do what we want, or even the absence of distress. Real freedom is the deep-seated confidence that God really will … Continue reading Do Not Be Afraid (from John Piper)