Starting a church… building a core group

Walls Down Church will "go public" (i.e. launch) on January 4, 2009. Before then there is much to be done. The most pressing issue on my radar right now is the creation of a core group. A core group is a team of workers... a team of people who are committed to the vision of … Continue reading Starting a church… building a core group

Two thoughts for church planters

Perry Noble records two thoughts that Seth Godin shared at Catalyst. These two thoughts must be wrestled with as we start new churches. They impact everything from how we promote our core group gatherings to how we market our launch. And now the two questions: People ask two questions when invited to something, “Who is … Continue reading Two thoughts for church planters

Some Walls Down waddup

These are exciting days! Today we secured the location for our Re-Think Money seminar for churches! We have partnered with Deerfield United Methodist church. They will be providing the facility for our offering to local churches! You can read more about the Re-Think money for churches here. We heard back from the elementary school today. … Continue reading Some Walls Down waddup

Some waddup (personal and Walls Down)

I'm pretty excited about what's unfolding this week! Today we'll be visiting the Antioch Church at the Y. Pastor David has an exciting vision for how to re-engage the YMCA in it's original mission. We're excited to partner with the YMCA as Walls Down starts! Tonight we will spend the evening with our friends at … Continue reading Some waddup (personal and Walls Down)

Why do we do what we do? (Rindy Walton)

Rindy Walton is the Director of Family Life Ministries at Walls Down Church. Rindy does not have a ministry degree. She will be but is not yet a pastor. She has never planted a church or served on a church staff. Yet she gets it. I never do this, but today I'm breaking my streak. … Continue reading Why do we do what we do? (Rindy Walton)

Walls Down and Re-Think Money

As we get closer to the public launch of Walls Down Church we have some big events coming! We are proud to be partnering with Re-Think Money and Big Picture Media Group to bring two great events to the Maineville/Landen area: A Re-Think Money event for pastors on Saturday, December 6th A Re-Think Money event … Continue reading Walls Down and Re-Think Money