Why we went with Church Community Builder

We have spent a lot of time reviewing information management systems. In particular we reviewed three systems: Connection Power Fellowship One Church Community Builder Our review process included: Discussions with reps from each company (multiple discussions in some cases) Discussions with churches using each of the databases Online interactions with the databases themselves Price comparison … Continue reading Why we went with Church Community Builder

Walls Down – launch party #2

Last night we had our second and final "launch party." We had one in August as well (read about it here). The purpose of these parties was to reconnect with old friends, meet new ones, and share a little bit about Walls Down in an informal setting. Here's what happened last night: We met from … Continue reading Walls Down – launch party #2

The best thing a church planter can do

Hey gang! My mentors, the churchplanters.com team are hosting one of the most practical learning experiences a church planter can have - the church planters coaching network! I just wrapped up a one year church planting residency with these guys. Among a TON of valuable experiences (a year of living in the Mountain Lake Church … Continue reading The best thing a church planter can do

Our website is live

Today we launched our website! http://www.wallsdownchurch.com A HUGE thanks to Rindy for all of the learning and hard work she put into this site. After much research and discussion, we finally settled on Clover for the web design and hosting. It's exciting to see all of this coming together! In the meantime we are also: … Continue reading Our website is live

Some Walls Down Waddup

The journey continues... After multiple interactions with the theater, we have walked away from the table. We are not prepared to pay what they are asking in return for what they are willing to give. The search continues. This morning, a friend and trusted financial leader committed to joining the Walls Down Financial Team. He … Continue reading Some Walls Down Waddup

Some waddup (Personal and Walls Down)

Recently we've been cranking... Last weekend I was honored to speak at my friend and mentor, Tony McCollum's church, Fusion Church. After church we got to spend some time over lunch with Fusion's Executive Pastor, Stephen Lowe. I really dig these guys! They are meeting in a High School and have an insane ratio of … Continue reading Some waddup (Personal and Walls Down)

Walls Down – launch party #1

Last night we had our first-ever official Walls Down party! The goal for this party was to meet with some friends, get to know one another better, share the Walls Down vision, and ask our friends to connect us to their friends so that together we can help people discover the life Jesus promised. We … Continue reading Walls Down – launch party #1

Marketing the church as relevant is stupid

Two weekends ago our family decided not to go to church. We weren't sick, tired, or any other commonly accepted "excuse" for not going to church. We just didn't want to go. We spent the day playing and napping, and I got to piddle around the garage for a while, working on some projects. IT … Continue reading Marketing the church as relevant is stupid