It’ll take longer but it’s worth it

Sherri and I regularly ask parents who have great children to share with us their "I wish I would have..." and "I'm glad I did..." thoughts and practices. Almost without exception the regrets and satisfactions revolve around time spent with their children. Several years ago I read something from John Maxwell that went something like … Continue reading It’ll take longer but it’s worth it

Vacation – adventure at the aquarium

Vacation thus far has been terrific! Yesterday we took some much needed time away from the beach and went to the local aquarium. All in all it was a pretty fun experience but there were a few tense moments, like for instance when we all were feeling pretty crabby... And then of course there was … Continue reading Vacation – adventure at the aquarium

Jesus in my living room

Yesterday "The Ladies" were playing "Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus." They were dressed up in "middle-eastern" garb (aka blankets over their head) and had a small manger complete with "Baby Jesus" sitting right in the middle of our living room. When I came home, I was invited to play the role of the witch who … Continue reading Jesus in my living room