We might not be communicating

For the last several years I have made an effort to make friends who don't look/believe/act like I do. From racial to sexual to theological differences... I have made a lot of great friends. I've spent a lot of time drinking coffee, eating sushi, and lifting weights with my friends. I've listened... and from time … Continue reading We might not be communicating

Thoughts on another pastor’s fall

Yesterday I learned that David Yonggi Cho is going to prison. Here's the scoop: David Yonggi Cho, the 78-year-old leader of the world’s largest Pentecostal mega church, was recently convicted of embezzling $12 million and sentenced to serve three years in prison. (You can read the entire story here). The following are my unfiltered soul … Continue reading Thoughts on another pastor’s fall

How do preachers come up with sermons?

Well, I can't answer this question for everyone, but I can tell you how I figure out what I'm going to teach (aka preach) at Church180. I find it helpful to plan what I'm going to teach 9-12 months ahead of time. This gives me time to pray, study, think, and apply whatever it is … Continue reading How do preachers come up with sermons?

Why I don’t tell our church when I’m not going to be at church

This weekend I didn't preach at Church180. In fact, my family and I weren't even at church! I told no one in advance (with the exception of our pastors) that I wouldn't be there. When I have done this in the past people ask me, "Why didn't you tell us you weren't going to be … Continue reading Why I don’t tell our church when I’m not going to be at church

Some thoughts on preaching

I am a pastor. The favorite part of my job is preaching. This year I have enjoyed preaching more than ever and I believe my preaching is more effective than ever. Here are some reflections on what I've been doing... I've been teaching verse by verse through books of the Bible. Since January of 2011 … Continue reading Some thoughts on preaching

Thoughts from a bi-vocational pastor

It's been over two months since I've started my second job working at the hospital as a patient sitter. It's time for some reflective thoughts on the journey thus far... I am surprised at how my Christian faith compels me to acts of mercy. Things I would not have imagined myself doing, like wiping eye boogers … Continue reading Thoughts from a bi-vocational pastor

I wrote an article for Tony McCollum’s website

Tony McCollum is a pastor in Atlanta. He is the founding pastor of Fusion Church and the creator of such goodness as pastormojo.com and pastorgear.com. Tony is a friend of mine and a mentor who I look up to and learn from. Recently he asked me to write an article for pastormojo.com. Today it was … Continue reading I wrote an article for Tony McCollum’s website