From My Notebook (12 APRIL – 18 APRIL 2020)

              This week I had a conversation with a friend who is a small business owner.  He said, "Everyone wants me to be successful so they give me ideas, but not the space to execute those ideas.  I need ideas AND space."  This has me thinking, where on my … Continue reading From My Notebook (12 APRIL – 18 APRIL 2020)

Five Favorites Friday (11/2/18)

Five of my favorite things this week... I've been thinking about this quote a lot this week:  Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times.  In light of this news, I've spent a LOT of time reading and watching the history of the … Continue reading Five Favorites Friday (11/2/18)

Entry #2: Transitioning

Today I spent about 45 minutes talking with my Superintendent (my church boss... ranking right below Jesus 😉 ) about the logistics of a successful transition at Church180.  We are still waiting to hear the "final word" regarding our transition date to the military. In the meantime we are doing a few things: Working with … Continue reading Entry #2: Transitioning

Getting back in the swing of things

I just wrapped up a podcast interview with Jennifer Ford Berry from the 29 Minute Mom. We had a great talk about ladies, marriage, parenting, and exercise... and we did it in 29 minutes! At the end of the podcast she pointed people to my blog! As soon as she did that I said (in my … Continue reading Getting back in the swing of things

Thinking about “Urgency”

I've been thinking a lot about urgency lately. Here are a few unedited and non-finalized thoughts about this subject: When I am urgent about something I am laser-focused on it. It is almost impossible to be urgent about multiple things simultaneously. Urgency in one area generally means neglect of other areas. How do I live … Continue reading Thinking about “Urgency”