Great websites just released their “Top 80 Church Websites” list.

This list is national in it’s scope and in alphabetical order.

#59 on the list is Mountain Lake Church! Way to go guys!

And #60 on the list is Northgate Free Methodist Church! Way to go Justin!

In case you’re not aware of the significance of this, MLC is where I am currently in a church planting residency and Northgate is where I served as senior pastor prior to coming to MLC.

Disclaimer: I did not have ANYTHING to do with the fact that either of these places have great websites!

Another Disclaimer: I won’t post any more pictures of Justin after this! 😉 I’m just real proud to have served together with you man! OK, back to business…

baptism flicks

I’m still reflecting on and celebrating what happened last weekend at Northgate!

Here’s a link to some pictures of individuals getting baptized! Check them out… one of them may be you or someone you know!

Thanks to Scott for taking these pictures!

Remember this… now that we know what can be, we cannot be content with what is!

God has proved something to us… He is profoundly interested in bringing LOTS of people to Himself through the church! We MUST expect and prepare for it! ALL OF US! EVERYWHERE!

My last Weekend at Northgate


I will never forget this last weekend with you my friends!

We had a baptismal service planned. We planned for 3. WE BAPTIZED 163! 

People just kept coming and publicly confessing their faith in Christ! I couldn’t believe it! They just kept coming!

I know some of the stories of people who were baptized this weekend…

  • One man whose wife has prayed for his salvation for 14 years – baptized today!
  • One whole family, parents and children, recently recovering from a hard drug addiction – baptized today!
  • One man who was on the verge of suicide two years ago, and then found Jesus – baptized today!
  • One family who has come to Christ over the course of this last year – two of their children baptized today!
  • One family with four sons (3 of them teenagers) – all four were baptized today!
  • Multiple felons – forgiven and baptized today!
  • Tons of teenagers – baptized today!
  • A surprising number of senior citizens – baptized today!

At the beginning of the service we announced that we’d be having a baptism at the end of the service. I gave a brief explanation about the purpose of baptism… then preached! God EXPLODED in this place today!

I remember earlier this year saying that God was going to bring hundreds to Himself this year through the ministry of Northgate… IT’S HAPPENING!

I love you church! Thank you for the honor of serving as your pastor!

What you’ve seen today is just the beginning of what can be at Northgate church!

A new blogger

My friend and Northgate’s Creative Arts Director, Justin Michau has just launched his new blog. You can check it out here.

BIG Announcement coming… we’re launching our new website this weekend!

Heads up Cory Miller! This one’s gonna be HOT!

Justin, I love working with you man! You’re doing some great things and using your incredible skills to connect people to Jesus!