A letter from a friend… a good word for all of us

A few weeks ago a friend sent me an e-mail with some encouraging words. Check it out... Have you ever felt the warmth of God's presence shine down on your face? It is a comforting feeling as you walk on your journey towards God. A church is the symbol of God's presence here on earth … Continue reading A letter from a friend… a good word for all of us

After church thoughts (5/20/07)

This was a big weekend for our church! So many mixed emotions! Pastor Vern and Pastor Darlene both announced that they have accepted calls to serve in other churches. Vern will be serving as the Senior Pastor of the Gowanda Free Methodist church.  Darlene will be serving as the co-pastor at the Parma Free Methodist … Continue reading After church thoughts (5/20/07)

After church thoughts (5/13/07)

Mother's day... I'm gonna tell you, I'm a blessed man. I come from a great mom and I'm married to the best mother I've ever seen. NO, I'm not married to my mom! Sherri is an incredible parent! One of my greatest joys is watching her interact with "The Ladies." Weekend highlights... We are in … Continue reading After church thoughts (5/13/07)

God is blowing the doors off!

God is doing an amazing thing in the church these days! He is bringing people to Himself through His Body (the church)! Check out these stories... New Spring (Pastor Perry Noble) - 150 saved yesterday Elevation (Pastor Steven Furtick) - 100 saved yesterday (Really 126! He explains it in this post) This morning I was … Continue reading God is blowing the doors off!

After church thoughts (5/6/07)

It's been a busy week but we made it! Highlights from the weekend... On Saturday night we hosted Charles Billingsley in concert. Several hundred people showed up (we're still trying to get a total number on that) This weekend we began a new sermon series entitled, "How to Know You're A Christian." We're going to … Continue reading After church thoughts (5/6/07)

Why I resigned… coming soon

I'm wiped out! This weekend I shared with our church that God has called myself and "The Ladies" to plant a church, and that consequently we will be resigning effective June 30th. I'm going to spend the next few days blogging about what all went into that decision and where we'll be going from here. … Continue reading Why I resigned… coming soon