People will make fun… who cares?

This morning, while I was packing┬álunch for "The Ladies", I┬áhad a conversation with one of my girls. It went something like this... Her: "A boy at school is picking on me about the food I eat." (Our family is on a gluten free diet and we eat minimal junk food, so the content of "The … Continue reading People will make fun… who cares?

Raising entrepreneurs

WOW! I just watched this TED talk by Cameron Herald entitled "Let's raise kids to be entrepreneurs". This is amazing stuff! A couple of my favorite takeaways: Stop paying your kids an allowance. Start teaching them to look for opportunities to earn. Stop reading stories to your kids every night... give them a chance to … Continue reading Raising entrepreneurs

Parents – your words are a tool

This month I am reading through Proverbs and noting everything it has to say about "listening", and closely related concepts. It's insightful that Solomon consistently reminds his son (as do other wise parents in this book - e.g. Proverbs 31:1-9) to pay attention to his teaching, and then do what he says. Yesterday I noted … Continue reading Parents – your words are a tool