Staying strong for long (time). #gottakeeptherhyme

To some, this post might seem like chest-thumping. It is not. I love to exercise. Today is 593 days in a row that I have done something for my body ranging from yoga and calisthenics to heavy lifting. Some workouts have been so hard I thought I was going to die. Others have been executed … Continue reading Staying strong for long (time). #gottakeeptherhyme

Stop worrying about your clothes

Right now I'm really busy. This weekend I will officiate at a wedding, preach a sermon, and then carry out my pastoral duties at a funeral... the funeral of a friend. This busy weekend comes right in the middle of a teaching series I am doing at church called, "Making Space." As I am preparing to … Continue reading Stop worrying about your clothes

Making space in a packed life

"When good things begin to happen, other good things begin to fall through the cracks." That is exactly what happened to the leaders of the church when it was in its early days. It's something that happens to leaders today too. Things start going well, and then things start falling apart, and it's often the … Continue reading Making space in a packed life

4 things I would say to the younger me in the gym

Today I'm working on a project with the owner of Brutal Iron Gym. He is asking the trainers "What advice would you give the younger you in the gym?" If I had this chance I would say these four things to me... Remember the tortoise and the hare. Consistency wins the day. I see this … Continue reading 4 things I would say to the younger me in the gym

Don’t lose what you’ve gained

Last night I was reading the little letter that St. John wrote to a friend of his. He said something really important in this letter: Watch out that you do not lose what we have worked so hard to achieve. (2 John verse 8) You work hard to gain: spiritual vitality, physical strength, intellectual capacity, … Continue reading Don’t lose what you’ve gained

Three ways to change yourself

Every month I write an article for the Brutal Iron Gym newsletter. For now this is a free newsletter packed with good information and inspiration. If you want to receive it send an e-mail to! This is the article I wrote for the June edition of the newsletter!   I’m a huge fan of getting better! … Continue reading Three ways to change yourself

The two most important parts of your day

    The two most important parts of your day are... the beginning and the end! Here's why I say that... Because, for most of us, these are the two parts that are under our control! Our morning and nighttime routines are typically not impacted by the unexpected (e.g. unexpected visitor, a phone call that takes … Continue reading The two most important parts of your day