Re-thinking “entitlement” thinking

There's a huge conversation taking place these days revolving around the idea of "entitlement." I'm sure that if we sat down and had this conversation, there would be a divergence of views on this subject... see I have liberal and conservative friends (imagine that) who are all over the place on this topic. HOWEVER, this … Continue reading Re-thinking “entitlement” thinking

The nature of compromise

As you know, Friday night our government came within minutes of shutting down due to the lack of a budget or continuing resolution. After much vigorous discussion and wrangling over issues an agreement was reached. Commenting on this agreement, President Obama said, "Like any worthwhile compromise, both sides had to make tough decisions and give … Continue reading The nature of compromise

We weren’t created for bipartisanship

I've been reading A Patriot's History of the United States. At 829 pages, this weighs in as the most substantive history book I've ever read. I am enjoying the read and learning a lot. One of the things that has occurred to me is that there are substantive parallels between early American history and current … Continue reading We weren’t created for bipartisanship

Pray for our President

The three top headlines from the Drudge Report this morning: Iran Revolutionary Guard threatens protesters... NKorea threatens to harm USA if attacked... Al Qaeda says would use Pakistani nukes on USA... If you are a Christian you have a responsibility: I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. As you make your … Continue reading Pray for our President

Our new president… Barack Obama

Last night was amazing. I watched Jesse Jackson cry as he watched the events of the evening unfold. I wondered what was going through his mind. I'm sure he was reflecting on those long, hard, scary days when he, Martin Luther King Jr. and many other black men and women fought for rudimentary rights that … Continue reading Our new president… Barack Obama

A message to our politicians

I am completely frustrated at the levels to which our "leaders" have stooped. With terroristic threats behind every corner, gas prices through the roof, a continual decay in our educational system, immigration issues, starvation and disease eliminating obscene numbers of people daily, dysfunctional global relations, an impotent political structure, and MANY other key issues... the … Continue reading A message to our politicians

A question for Joe Biden

I'm watching Tom Brokaw interview Joe Biden on Meet the Press. He asked Biden the question, "When does life begin?" Biden said that personally he believes that life begins at conception, but that he is not comfortable forcing his religiously based view of life on others. Here's a question for Biden and others who hold … Continue reading A question for Joe Biden