Family pics

Last Sunday we had some family pics taken. As I looked over them I realized a few things:

  • God was really nice to me when He sent Sherri my way. I love her more today than I did seventeen years ago!
  • We have six diverse, beautiful, and talented daughters. The responsibility that comes with being “Dad” to all of these princess warriors is off the chart. I am reminded that prayer must be a part of my daily routine.
  • I hope my girls marry a man that loves them as much as I love their mom. And I hope they are even half the women their mom is.

OK, enough chest beating about my lovely ladies… Here are some pics for my journal and my friends.

paul and sherri

girls silly girls

paul and sherri kissing

Train your kids… don’t attack their “teachers”

The following bit of wisdom is brought to you by the lovely and talented Mrs. Peterson whose words are in bold.

Recently I heard one of my children make a statement about boyfriends & girlfriends that made my ears hot and my gut twisted. I disagreed with the statement, but she adamantly defended it.

I asked, “Where did you hear that?” She gave the name of someone from whom I do not want my children to learn when it comes to those matters.

I was mad. In my mind I was already putting together my diatribe.

When the dinner table was cleared I asked the lovely and talented Mrs. Peterson how she would deal with this. She said, “Honey, you’ve got to train your kids. You can’t always attack others when they say silly things. You’ve got to teach your kids to discern foolish from wise counsel.”

As is normally the case, Mrs. Peterson is right.

I suppose I could follow my six daughters around for the rest of their lives pounding on people who say stupid things to them… or I could save some time and teach them to be wise.

So two good things have happened as a result of this conversation:

  1. I avoided saying something mean for which I’d have to undoubtedly apologize.
  2. I was reminded of my responsibility as a teacher in our home.

Thanks Mrs. Peterson.

How to make chicken

No seriously! This is what this blog post is all about!

I shot these videos of Sherri making chicken because I wanted you to see a couple of things: 1) how she makes all of that goodness, and 2) how we prep our food for the week.

We’ve discovered this, eating healthy takes time! If you don’t take the time to prep you’ll end up eating sloppy (i.e. processed foods and drive through restaurants). We’ve found that doing a big food prep on Sunday nights gets our week started right! So, without further ado, here’s the process…



My bride is amazing.

After 14 years together I still have a crush on her. Sure we have our rough spots… just like everyone else, but I’ve got to tell you… this girl still makes me want to chase her and keep my game on!

She is a strong leader, a great mom, and she possesses lots of common sense, patience, and determination. I’m proud of her, challenged by her and inspired every day to be a great man… because that’s what she deserves.

I love this girl!