We might not be communicating

For the last several years I have made an effort to make friends who don't look/believe/act like I do. From racial to sexual to theological differences... I have made a lot of great friends. I've spent a lot of time drinking coffee, eating sushi, and lifting weights with my friends. I've listened... and from time … Continue reading We might not be communicating

A couple more thoughts on Christians, marijuana, and other drugs

Yesterday I wrote a blog in which I did some thinking out loud about Christians, marijuana, and other drugs. I overlooked something that is important and need to post it; I also want to crystallize a thought I tried to express yesterday. Ready? For Christians, we must consider two things as we have this conversation... 1) … Continue reading A couple more thoughts on Christians, marijuana, and other drugs

Christians, marijuana, and other drugs

This one could get me in trouble. I like trouble... so here we go. I've been thinking  lot about the legalization of marijuana. While I have not completely arrived at a conclusion, I'd like to think out loud with you on this blog. Let me tell you two things about me and Mary Jane (aka … Continue reading Christians, marijuana, and other drugs

Stop “playing small”

"Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you." Steven Pressfield Oh my! How liberating those two sentences are! It's okay to be good! It's okay to be REAL good! It's okay to be the best! No need for shame. No … Continue reading Stop “playing small”

Re-thinking “entitlement” thinking

There's a huge conversation taking place these days revolving around the idea of "entitlement." I'm sure that if we sat down and had this conversation, there would be a divergence of views on this subject... see I have liberal and conservative friends (imagine that) who are all over the place on this topic. HOWEVER, this … Continue reading Re-thinking “entitlement” thinking

“They’ll get their’s”

I've heard this line before, typically in reference to people who have done something mean or unjust. The fact that we have to say that can be frustrating though. It's frustrating because we want drive-through justice! We want bad people to be punished immediately, and usually we have a specific form of justice in mind! … Continue reading “They’ll get their’s”

A small rant on racism, Drudge Report, theology

    This was the headline on the Drudge Report this morning. It bothered me quite a bit. We wouldn't be asking this question if it were two white men back to back. These are two brilliant men with two sets of ideas each of which appeal to millions of people. Both men are articulate, … Continue reading A small rant on racism, Drudge Report, theology