From My Notebook (21 March – 11 April 2020)

              Every 2-3 years I re-read The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.  Reading it again re-motivates me.  Sometimes I get bored with his plan and want to get adventurous and create my own way...which most assuredly means that my Total Money Makeover will take longer 😉 !  Reading … Continue reading From My Notebook (21 March – 11 April 2020)

“The 12 Apostle of Ill Health”

One of my year end activities is to read through previous year(s) journals. It is exciting to see what I have learned and how I have matured... and disheartening to see those things against which I STILL struggle. Reading my own writing is a most credible witness to my personal discipline, and lack of self-control. … Continue reading “The 12 Apostle of Ill Health”

Guiding principles for students of Scripture

Today, I am working on material for a teaching series that I am going to give at Church180. We are going to be studying a letter that St. Paul wrote to the Christians in Colossae around 60 A.D. As I am working on this material, I keep thinking about basic principles that guide my approach … Continue reading Guiding principles for students of Scripture

Hug the Struggle

Ben Horowitz wrote a New York Times bestseller called, "The Hard Thing About Hard Things." In this book, he discusses the underbelly of leadership; the hard and unglamorous stuff that few talk about or consider. He tells and dissects leadership experiences... the hard ones... the REAL hard ones! I actually picked this book up when I … Continue reading Hug the Struggle

3 Ideas to get “Unstuck” spiritually

I am in the middle of a conversation with someone who is "stuck" spiritually. This person doesn't like being stuck, but isn't sure how to get "unstuck." I just sent them three ideas and thought it might be helpful for someone else too... so here they are: Help someone who cannot return the favor Most … Continue reading 3 Ideas to get “Unstuck” spiritually

Stop worrying about your clothes

Right now I'm really busy. This weekend I will officiate at a wedding, preach a sermon, and then carry out my pastoral duties at a funeral... the funeral of a friend. This busy weekend comes right in the middle of a teaching series I am doing at church called, "Making Space." As I am preparing to … Continue reading Stop worrying about your clothes