What does the Bible mean? (the intro)

Some time ago I met a really interesting guy through the blogosphere, Joey Guido. Joey and I have corresponded for a couple of years on a variety of subjects. Recently we've been twittering back and forth about the Bible. I asked him if he wanted to take this conversation public. He graciously said, "Yes." Before … Continue reading What does the Bible mean? (the intro)

Does a pastor need a seminary degree?

"If you're going to be a REAL pastor, you need to go to seminary." I have several close friends who are doing effective ministry that have been told this by ineffective ministers. This begs the question, "If seminary makes me like you, why the heck would I want to go?" 8) I've outlined my thoughts … Continue reading Does a pastor need a seminary degree?

Re-engage old truths

A.W. Tozer, in his book The Divine Conquest, writes, Neglected Christian truths can be revitalized only when by prayer and long meditation we isolate them from the mass of hazy ideas with which our minds are filled and hold them steadily and determinedly in the focus of the mind's attention. Tozer is right on particularly … Continue reading Re-engage old truths

Re-thinking Christianity

Recently I've been reading two books that are challenging much of what I've been raised to believe about Christianity. Now before I lose you, let me tell you that neither of these authors are denying any fundamental doctrines (e.g. salvation by grace through faith alone). What they are doing is challenging the practical implications of … Continue reading Re-thinking Christianity

Functional savior

Gosh, I'm really digging Driscoll and Breshear's book, Vintage Jesus. This morning, in talking about the fact that Jesus is the exclusive Savior, they discussed the many "functional saviors" in which we often place our hope. The reality of functional saviors is that while they may bring relief for a time, they will ultimately disappoint … Continue reading Functional savior

Preaching and the Bible

"Throughout the history of the church the greatest preachers have been those who have recognized that they have no authority in themselves and have seen their task as being to explain the words of Scripture and apply them clearly to the lives of their hearers. [...] Essentially they stood in the pulpit, pointed to the … Continue reading Preaching and the Bible