From My Notebook (21 March – 11 April 2020)

              Every 2-3 years I re-read The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.  Reading it again re-motivates me.  Sometimes I get bored with his plan and want to get adventurous and create my own way...which most assuredly means that my Total Money Makeover will take longer 😉 !  Reading … Continue reading From My Notebook (21 March – 11 April 2020)

Experimenting with “Power Points”

I love to read. On average I read two books a month.  Over the last twenty years I have divided my reading into five categories: Spiritual Leadership Church Professional/Personal Development Biographical/Autobiographical Over the last twenty years I have accumulated hundreds of books. Then things changed... I became an Army Chaplain.  A few ways this changes … Continue reading Experimenting with “Power Points”

“The 12 Apostle of Ill Health”

One of my year end activities is to read through previous year(s) journals. It is exciting to see what I have learned and how I have matured... and disheartening to see those things against which I STILL struggle. Reading my own writing is a most credible witness to my personal discipline, and lack of self-control. … Continue reading “The 12 Apostle of Ill Health”

How to get something done

These days I am learning a lot from dead men, particularly Ben Franklin and John Wesley. Both of these men were world changers. They created organizations and put forth ideas that continue to influence our lives today: John Wesley - founder of the Methodist Church; emphasis on the doctrine of sanctification Ben Franklin - created … Continue reading How to get something done